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3D конвертор VG++

3D converter allows three-dimensional data conversion from a variety of standard and custom fomats to STL (stereolithography) format, which is widely used in automated production for rapid prototyping of three-dimensional object models.

АРМ Вкладник VG++

ARM Vkladnyk provides the following functionality to depositors of non-state pension funds:
1) adding, editing, removing, checking records of pension contracts and statements of personification (strong data control);
2) export of pension contracts and personification statements information for further processing in administrative systems of non-state pension funds.

Visit-2008 VG++

Visit-2008 allows convenient, correct and quick registering visitors of the organization (bank, business-center):
1) fix the visitor departure and arrival time, the purpose of the visit;
2) record visitor data (name, passport number, driver license, etc.);
3) scan documents and store copies in the database (if necessary);
4) keep statistics on all visits, show visitors on the territory of the organization at any time;
5) generate reports for the period of time for visits to different departments;
6) manage the "black" list of visitors;
7) automatically inform the security on the arrival of unwanted visitors, and much more.


June 1, 2010

New VG++ project started "Electronic Trade System"...


May 4, 2009

New VG++ project started "3D Converter"...


March 9, 2009

New VG++ project started "ARM Vkladnyka"...


March 1, 2009

New project started "SPD: Budget-2009"...


February 15, 2009

New VG++ project started: "VISIT-2009"


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